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Both sides SH

Special thanks to Fabio Angeloni for funding this lesson.

This lesson covers how you write beginning and final "sh" in steno, like in the words "splash" and "shape".

Left side SH

You've already learned Left side SH as it is naturally formed.


  • SHOP: shop
  • SHAEUP: shape

Right side SH

Right side SH is given by the outline -RB.


  • ARB: ash
  • KARB: cash
  • WARB: wash
  • PWARB: bash
  • RARB: rash
  • HARB: hash
  • SARB: sash
  • PWRARB: brash
  • WEURB: wish
  • TPEURB: fish
  • TREURB: Trish
  • TPRERB: fresh
  • KRURB: crush
  • PHURB: mush
  • PORB: posh
  • PHORB: mosh
  • WAORB: woosh
  • TPHRURB: flush
  • TKAOURB: douche
  • TKHREURB: delish

Final SHS

Words ending in the "shoush" sound, like "conscious" and "delicious", can be written with -RBS.


  • SREURBS: vicious
  • KORBS: conscious
  • KAURBS: cautious
  • TKHREURBS: delicious
  • TPHAURBS: nauseous
  • SPEURBS: suspicious
  • SPAEURBS: spacious
  • PRERBS: precious
  • PAEURBS: patience
  • TKPWARBS: gaseous


Chord Translation Notes
TK-RB -- Dash
PHRERB pleasure
PH*ERB measure
TPEURBT efficient
TP*EURB finish
TKWEURB distinguish
*EUSH issue


1. Translate

Write the English sentence represented by these outlines, including punctuation.

2. Find Outlines

Find steno outlines that will write these English sentences, including punctuation.

  1. The fish goes splish, splash, sploosh.
  2. I, um -- I am not so sure that you know what I'm telling you.
  3. Trish wishes that she could finish her work today and be done before the due date.
  4. This meal is so delicious, I could eat forever.
  5. English has spelling that no one wants to say that they get. It makes no sense!
  6. It is hard to measure how precious things are.
  7. He seems easy going but I have a suspicious feeling that he is not telling us everything.
  8. I always look for efficient ways to solve issues.
  9. This room is so spacious, I could fit a horse in here!
  10. I take issue with your stance.
  11. A lack of patience will crush hopes and dreams.
  12. You may not know this, but fish have scales on their flesh.
  13. That joke went way over his head -- woosh!

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