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Special thanks to Thomas Pacheco for funding this lesson.

This lesson covers how you write the compound "-rve" in words like "curve" and "swerve".

The somewhat common compound "-rve" doesn't fit in steno order, and the most obvious choice, -FR, is already used for several other endings (like in "offer", "cover"). So, in order to reduce conflicts, we assign it an otherwise unused chord, -FRB:


Think about the shape of this chord. To me, it always seems like a "curve" along the edge of the layout.

  • KUFRB: curve
  • SEFRB: serve
  • SWEFRB: swerve
  • KAFRB: carve
  • SREFRB: verve
  • TPHEFRB: nerve

Paired with inversion:

  • STKEFRB: deserve


Chord Translation Notes
REFRB reserve
PREFRB preserve
OEB observe
OBT object
SUBT subject

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