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ent-, int-

Special thanks to Thomas Pacheco for funding this lesson.

This lesson covers the prefix compound that begins words like "enter" and "interact".

We use just a single cluster for both "ent-" and "int-" briefs. The combination is arbitrary, SPW:


  • SPWER: enter
  • SPWAOEUR: entire
  • SPWAEUL: entail
  • SPWAOEUS: entice
  • SPWEL: intel

A little more complex:

  • SPWABGT: intact
  • SPWEPBD: intend
  • SPWEPBGS: intention
  • SPWERPB: intern
  • SPWERPBL: internal
  • SPWERPBT: internet

We can add in sounds on the left hand, too:

  • SPWRUPT: interupt
  • SPWRABGS: interaction
  • SPWREU: entry
  • SPWRAPBS: entrance
  • SPWHREBGT: intellect


Chord Translation Notes
SPWELGT intelligent
SPWELGS intelligence
SPWOURPBLG entourage
SPWROUS introduce
SPWERPT interpret
PROU produce
PROUS produces
PROUR producer
PROUG producing

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