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I'm still writing it. If you want to give me encouragement, a tip of any size to my PayPal will guarantee a new page within 48 hours!

Please include a note on how you'd like to be attributed. On top of the new lesson, I'll put a name and link of your choice, or can keep you anonymous.

(I reserve the right to veto any name or link I find inappropriate -- I want to keep the textbook family-friendly as best as possible. GitHub, Twitter, and personal websites should all be fine)


Complex endings/beginnings:

  • -tion
  • -rve
  • -nk

  • -lg, -lk

  • -nch and "lunch"

  • -st (maybe just "F" as "-S"?)

  • Probably need a lesson to solidify:

  • ble, kt, ng


  • S-P and TK-LS need to be mentioned here, maybe arrow key movements too?

Shortening principles:

  • -y words (oh my goodness :O, this'll be big...)
    • KWREU
    • SKWREU
    • REU, HREU, PWEU...
  • -ie, -ey, -ee
  • Reversal

From the top 100, this is left:

  • like, time, just, its, first, most

Words beginning with:

  • co, con, com
  • o, on
  • pre, pro
  • re, de
  • in, int, inter
  • un, under

Advanced number usage, such as -Z, -D, clock times, Roman numerals?

Brief families:

  • Months of the year, days of the week
  • Units inch, feet, kilometers, kilograms etc.
  • Phrases

I want to get Jeff to make illustrations, mainly to draw the exercise sentences. I want a wet rat to be hugged.

In the later lessons I think I'll move more into a format where I have one or two "letters" or stories as opposed to just the drilling sentences.

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