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W as v-

Special thanks to a generous stranger for funding this lesson.

This lesson teaches a trick to write words where there is a "v" following an initial consonant, like in "devour" and "severe".

Because "v" is usually made on the left hand with SR, it is not possible to combine it with other consonant sounds. To get around this, you can substitute W:


  • SWAOER: severe
  • TKWOUR: devour
  • TKWAOEUD: divide
  • TKWAOEUS: device
  • TKWAOEUPB: divine

Using K as "con-" from the last lesson, we can get:

  • KWERS: converse
  • KWAOEPBT: convenient
  • KWEUBGT: convict
  • KWULS: convulse
  • KWEPBGS: convention
  • KWERGS: conversion
  • KWEUBGS: conviction
  • KWERPBLG: converge

Be careful, though, because KW is already used for Q words. If you are trying to write an uncommon "conv" word, you may need to use multiple strokes, which will be covered in the prefix section of the book. For example, KWAOEPB maps to "queen", not "convene".


Chord Translation Notes
SRAOEPBT convenient
SREUD individual
SREUS advice
SRAOUL value
K-FRGS conversation
K-FRPBS conference
SREL develop

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