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Special thanks to Thomas Pacheco for funding this lesson.

This lesson covers how you write words ending with "ment" like "government" and "basement".

Lots of words end with the suffix "ment". It's made with the right-hand chord -PLT:


  • PHOEPLT: moment
  • TORPLT: torment
  • HRAPLT: lament
  • KOPLT: comment (KPHEPBT also works)
  • PAEUPLT: payment
  • TPERPLT: ferment
  • SEPLT: cement
  • KPHREUPLT: compliment
  • KPHREPLT: complement

Here are some examples using -F and -R with -PLT:

  • PHRAFPLT: placement
  • PAEUFPLT: pavement
  • TKPWARPLT: garment
  • PHOFPLT: movement

And finally, here are some examples where we drop consonants in order to get even more complex words out:

  • EUPLT: implement
  • TKPWOFPLT: government
  • STAEUPLT: statement
  • PWAEUFPLT or PWAEUPLT: basement
  • TRAOEPLT: treatment
  • KPHEUPLT: commitment
  • TPRAPLT: fragment
  • TKPARPLT: department
  • OEUPLT: ointment
  • SHEUPLT: shipment
  • SKWRUPLT: judgment

Dropping the Initial Syllable

Sometimes, briefs are made by dropping the initial syllable. This is especially the case when the syllable you are writing is uncommon. For example, with the word "English", the first syllable (en) is very common, but the second syllable (glish), never occurs in any other word! So for this reason, we can create a brief for "English" using the syllable "glish".

You've already seen this in the briefs for "begin" (TKPWEUPB) and "again" (TKPWEPB).

Here are some briefs that follow that pattern.

Chord Translation Notes
SRAOEURPLT environment
SRAPBS advance Use SRAPBZ for "vans"
SRAPLT advancement
STRAOUPLT instrument
SPAOERPBS experience
SPERPLT experiment
TAEUPLT entertainment
PARPLT apartment
TPHOUPBS announce Use TPHOUPBZ for "nouns"
TPHOUPLT announcement
PHREURB accomplish
PHREUPLT accomplishment


Chord Translation Notes
APLT amount
UPLT ultimate
TKOUPLT document
SREPLT development
SREF invest
SREFR investor
SREFG investing
SREFPLT investment
TEUZ advertise
TEUPLT advertisement

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