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Both sides G and J

Special thanks to Mirabai Knight for funding this lesson.

This lesson covers how you write the G and J sounds in steno, such as those found in "gift", "ground", "George", and "gif".

Left side G

The hard G sound is formed on the left hand with TKPW.


  • TKPWO: go
  • TKPWET: get
  • TKPWOPB: gone
  • TKPWUT: gut
  • TKPWEURL: girl
  • TKPWAEUT: gait
  • TKPWOUT: gout
  • TKPWRAEUD: grade

Right side G as -ing

You've learned words that end with -G like PWAPBG for "bang" and TKOG for "dog". Another very common usage in the Plover dictionary is -G as "-ing". You can add -G to many words to give them the "-ing" suffix, just like you do with -D for "-ed" and -S and -Z for "-s".


Note that this "folded-in" suffix is even allowed to break steno order if there is no conflict.

  • TKPWO: go
    • TKPWOG: going
  • PAEU: pay
    • PAEUG: paying
  • -B: be
    • -BG: being
  • PWAEUT: bait
    • PWAEUGT: baiting
  • WAFP: watch
    • WAFPG: watching
  • POUT: pout
    • POUGT: pouting

Left side J

The left side J and soft G sounds are formed on the left hand with SKWR.


  • SKWRAR: jar
  • SKWROPB: John
  • SKWRABG: jack
  • SKWREUPL: gym
  • SKWREUF: gif

Right side J

The Right side J and soft G sounds are formed on the right hand with PBLG.


  • AEUPBLG: age
  • TKPWRUPBLG: grudge
  • SKWRUPBLG: judge
  • SKWRORPBLG: George
  • TKPWORPBLG: gorge
  • TKPWAEUPBLG: gauge
  • TKPWRUPBLG: grudge

On some hardware, pressing this many keys might be difficult. Make sure you aren't trying to just use your fingers, your forearms should be the main source of power. Better steno hardware will also require less force.


Chord Translation Notes
TKPW-G going
TKAOG doing TKOG is "dog" but "doing" is a very common word so we use this brief
TR, T-R interest
TRG, T-RG interesting
TKPW-B goodbye
TKPW-PBT goodnight
H-L hello
TKPWEPBS against
TKPWEUPBG beginning
HRAPBLG language LAJ
TOPBLG technology TOJ


1. Translate

Write the English sentence represented by these outlines, including punctuation.

2. Find Outlines

Find steno outlines that will write these English sentences, including punctuation.

  1. What are you doing?
  2. Hello again friend, I hope you have had an interesting day.
  3. Do not hold a grudge against Jill if you can help it.
  4. Judges are not able to put me in jail, ha-ha!
  5. What an interesting beginning to the novel.
  6. I am going to the market tonight, will you join me?
  7. Jay left town the other day and has not come back.
  8. Jeff is leaving town tonight and I want to say goodbye.
  9. George would never tell you his age.
  10. Goodnight my love.
  11. There are several love languages.
  12. Goodbye old friend, we will miss you.
  13. I earn lots of interest every month.
  14. I am going to the gym to get gains. I go almost every day.
  15. Do not judge the gorge by how far down it goes, it is dangerous.
  16. When technology knows language as well as we do, we are in danger.
  17. Do you say gif like girl or jar?

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