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Special thanks to Thomas Pacheco for funding this lesson.

This lesson covers how to write words with the -mp suffix like "lump" and "jump".

In Plover Theory, the main way to write words ending in "-mp" is to add an asterisk to the right-hand chord for -M (-PL):


This gives us the ability to write HUPL for "hum" and HU*PL for "hump".

  • HU*PL: hump
  • PU*PL: pump
  • WEU*PL: wimp
  • KHO*PL: chomp
  • HRU*PL: lump
  • KHRA*PL: clamp
  • SRA*PL: vamp

-FRP for -mp

Mirabai, the creator of Plover Theory, prefers using *PL for -mp. However, Plover's dictionary also includes the StenEd convention of -FRP.


  • HUFRP: hump
  • PUFRP: pump
  • PHRUFRP: plump

There are potential advantages to writing -mp this way. For one, it opens up the -L key which lets us write words that end in -mple unambigously:

  • SEUFRPL: simple
  • KRUFRPL: crumple
  • SAFRPL: sample
  • AFRPL: ample


Chord Translation Notes
S*EUPL simple

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