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-lge, -nge, -lk, -nk

Special thanks to Thomas Pacheco for funding this lesson.

This lesson covers how to write some words that otherwise wouldn't fit in steno order, including "bank", "milk", and "bulge".

-lge and -nge

Because -L and -PB share keys with the -J sound (-PBLG), we need to use a different pattern to write words ending in -lge and -nge, like "bulge" or "cringe". The solution is simple: just use -G for the -J sound:


  • PWULG: bulge
  • TKWULG: divulge


  • KREUPBG: cringe
  • TEUPBG: tinge
  • HEUPBG: hinge

You'll have to exercise caution here, as these chords conflict with words ending in "ing", like "bing". If a word has a hard G sound, it will get the chord, and the soft G version will be writable by adding the asterisk:

  • PWEUPBG: bing
  • PW*EUPBG: binge

*G as -k

For the same reasons that we can't have -L and -PB and -J at the same time, we can't have them at the same time as the chord for -k (-BG). In order to get -nk and -lk, we add the asterisk:


  • *ELG: elk
  • *EULG: ilk
  • PH*EULG: milk
  • S*EULG: silk
  • PW*ULG: bulk
  • S*ULG: sulk


  • *EUPBG: ink
  • PWA*PBG: bank
  • HR*EUPBG: link
  • P*EUPBG: pink
  • P*UPBG: punk
  • TP*UPBG: funk
  • HA*PBG: Hank
  • KRA*PBG: crank
  • RA*PBG: rank
  • SHR*APBG: shrank
  • SKU*PBG: skunk
  • PWHR*EUPBG: blink
  • TKR*UPBG: drunk


Chord Translation Notes
THAPBG thank
THAPBGS thanks
SHRAO*EPBG slink "Sling" and "shrink" occupy the intuitive options for this stroke, so we change the vowel to a tense E sound in order to at least have a way to write it. If you wrote "slink" much more frequently than "shrink" you could swap these definitions.
KHOL alcohol
KHO*LG alcoholic

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