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-nch, -rch

Special thanks to Thomas Pacheco for funding this lesson.

This lesson covers how to write words with the -nch and -rch suffixes like "arch" and "hunch".


To end a word with "rch", we use the chord -FRPB.


  • AFRPB: arch
  • SEFRPB: search
  • TOFRPB: torch
  • POFRPB: porch
  • PWEUFRPB: birch
  • HRUFRPB: lurch
  • PAFRPBD: parched
  • PHAFRPB: march
  • KHUFRPB: church


For the most part, -FRPB also works for "nch":

  • PWUFRPB: bunch
  • PWEFRPB: bench
  • PEUFRPB: pinch
  • PUFRPB: punch
  • RAFRPB: ranch
  • TPREFRPB: French

However, if there is a collision where a word can end with either rch or nch, such as with "lurch" and "lunch", the -nch word is written with -FRPBLG.


  • HRUFRPBLG: lunch
    • HRUFRPB: lurch
  • PWUFRPBLG: bunch
  • PUFRPBLG: punch
  • etc.

Note that -FRPBLG can also be parsed as "FRJ", such as in "beverage". This is why PWEFRPBLG maps to beverage and not "bench". To be honest, the only collision I can find in the default dictionary is lurch and lunch.


Chord Translation Notes
HRUPBS lunch Because HRUFRPBLG is a large chord for a common word
KHEUFRPB children
TPH-FP inch TPH = in, -FP = ch
REFRPB research

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